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Anti-Dance Law Repeal Supported By Everyone From de Blasio to Duke Ellington’s Family

Get Ready to Dance On the Grave of the Cabaret Law, Set to Be Repealed
Lawmakers Vote to Overturn New York’s 91-Year-Old Anti-Dancing ‘Cabaret’ Law


Photos: Thousands Party In East Village At 11th Annual Dance Parade
World Journal (世界日报)
Chia-Ying Anita Yen
紐約舞蹈嘉年華 東方舞團搶眼
Translation: NY Dance Parade and Festival Chinese Dance Groups are Eye-Catching
NTD TV two hour program
Ben, Holly, Ria and Lisa
Live production with studio commentary and interviews; Over 1million viewers
EV Grieve

At DanceFest in Tompkins Square Park

New York Daily News

The 11th annual Dance Parade shimmies through NYC

New York Times

Dance in NYC This Week


Interview with Dance Parade participant Liah Alonso
Stephanie Simon
Your Weekend Starts Now 5/18/17
NYC On The Cheap

NYC Free: Dance Parade & Block Party
SinoVision (美国中文电台)
Jinjing Xu 徐津晶

第十一届纽约舞蹈大游行5/20举行 12个华裔舞蹈团体参加创新高
Translation: The 11th Dance Parade and Festival will Take Place on 5/20; 12 Chinese Dance Group Hit the Record of Chinese Participation
Downtown Magazine

The New Yorker

Above & Beyond: Dance Parade and Festival (May 22 issue)
Aiju NYC (爱聚纽约)
Xi Zhu 朱熹 Edited by Aiju NYC
【爱聚舞蹈】5/20纽约舞月 盛大来袭
Translation:【Aiju Dance】5/20 NY Dance Parade Grand Coming

This was also shared by one of the top three Chinese online platforms, Souhu and has over 73,000 views. Link is here.


Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Scott Enman

There are only 17 places in Brooklyn where you can legally dance
NY Squirrel (纽约松鼠君)
Xi Zhu 朱熹 Edited by NY Squirrel
Translation: This Dance Month, NY Dance Parade is Coming
This was also shared by one of the top three Chinese online platforms, Sina and its Sina Weibo (the Chinese facebook). Link is here.

LobsBoston (波士顿龙虾君)
Xi Zhu 朱熹 Edited by NY Squirrel
Translation: This Dance Month, Go to NY to see Dance Parade
Bronxnet Open TV Show
Rhina Valentin
Interview with Chauncey Dandridge, Liah Alonso and Sonia de Luna:

Spoiled NYC

It’s Gonna Be A-May-Zing! 15 Incredible Things Going Down in NYC This May

Broadway World

Grand Marshals Announced for 11th-Annual Dance Parade as Performers Citywide Prepare to “Dance for Peace”
WBAI 99.5Fm
Jeannie Hopper
Liquid Sound Lounge Interview with Grand Marshal Joao Grande, City Council Member Rosie Mendez, Maurice Hines and Frankie Bones
Aiju NYC (爱聚纽约)
Xi Zhu 朱熹 Edited by Aiju NYC
Translation:【Aiju Dance】Dance in May: the11th NY Dance Parade and Festival
Ku Wan NY (纽约酷玩)
Xi Zhu 朱熹
Edited by Ku Wan NY
Translation:Dance in May: the11th NY Dance Parade and Festival
Aiju NYC (爱聚纽约)
Xi Zhu 朱熹 Edited by Aiju NYC
【爱聚舞蹈】舞动五月:第十一届纽约世界舞蹈嘉年华 (old)
Translation:【Aiju Dance】Dance in May: The11th NY Dance Parade and Festival
New Yorkled

2017 Dance Parade and Festival

2017 Dance Parade and Festival

Top Listings (No longer online)

Village Voice “Date Book”
AM-NY “Weekend Picks”
Thrillist “Things To Do In NYC This Week”
CBS NY “Best Things To Do in NYC This Weekend”
City Guide NY “This Week in NYC”
Flavorpill | Editor’s Arts & Culture Picks
Newsday NYC Picks

Other Listings

Finding NYC
Dance NYC
Resident Advisor

Thump – Vice Media Coverage

Thump (Vice Media) image

To all electronic music lovers: Thump is a great place for music and dance news. Writer Sophie Weiner’s recent article gathers Parade dancer’s thoughts on the archaic and useless Cabaret Laws. Here is the article to check out. The NYC Dance Parade Shows Why the Cabaret Law Must Die

Special shoutout to the crews featured: Kostume Kult, Energy in the Middle, Batala, House Coalition, Sundae Fantastique Show, and Dance Liberation Network!

Metro love, but the Cabaret Laws gets none!

Metro newspaper image

Stop the madness and let everyone dance! Please read Metro’s article on the Cabaret Laws of NYC:
Arts advocates renew call to end New York City’s antiquated cabaret laws

Thanks for writing this article, Alan Krawitz!

World Journal

World Journal image 2         World Journal logo

Reporter Yan Jiaying took some amazing photos of the Dance Parade, and the video footage captured some of the magic too. You can see it all here.

SinoVision logo

Around 12 Chinest groups participated in this year’s Dance parade. SinoVision was present at the City Hall conference and spoke to a number of the Parade members including Chinese representatives of the various dance groups. Click here to see the SinoVision footage

Ku Wan NY Coverage

Ku Wan NY
Posted one WeChat article and will promote another post-event article

Squirrel NYC and Sina

Squirrel NYC logo         Sina logo

Posted two WeChat articles. One post was also shared by one of the top three Chinese online platforms, Sina and its Sina Weibo (the Chinese facebook).
Sina article

Sohu Posts About the Parade

Aiju logo         Sohu blog image         Sohu logo

AijuNY shared some lovely information about the Parade on WeChat. Sohu shared the post on their platform too! Click here to see the Sohu article now.

The Manolo Gamboa Youtube Channel Showed Us Some Love

Manolo Gamboa Youtube video

NYC culture is strong and this Youtube channel proves it with their videos. DANCE PARADE NYC 2017

EV Grieve Blog

EV Grieve blog image from DanceFest

Here’s their blog post on DanceFest! At the DanceFest in Tompkins Square Park

Photos from the NY Daily News

NY Daily News 2017 photo
Yes, Daily News, we did SHIMMY! NY Daily News slideshow

Why, THANK YOU New York Times!

New York Times logo

Dance in NYC This Week

Gracias, Univision 41

Univision 41 screenshot

Con danza y estilos únicos, se celebrará este sábado el esperado Dance Parade en el bajo Manhattan

Spoiled NYC Escapes

It’s Gonna Be A-May-Zing!
Spoiled NYC Escapes image

Upwards of 10,000 dancers will groove their way down Broadway from West 21st Street to Tompkins Square Park to the theme “dance for peace” on May 20th.
Check out their list of great events INCLUDING the Parade here!


Rhina Valentin gives all the exclusive details of this year’s celebrations! Valentin interviews dancer/Social Media Chair Chauncey Dandridge as well as dancers Liah Alonso and Sonia de Luna of the Dance Parade, sharing 2017’s theme “Dance for Peace”.
You can check it out here!

Flavorpill Shoutout

Image from Flavorpill newsletter

We spotted Kaitlyn Hamilton of Flavorpill mentioning great things about “Dance for Peace” on their email-only bulletin.


Epoch Times


The New Yorker goings on about town: above and beyond – dance parade and festival

Broadwayworld Grand Marshals Announced for 11th Annual Dance Parade as Performers Citywide Prepare to Dance for Peace


New York City – Calendar of Events

New Yorkled Magazine

2017 Dance Parade and Festival


11th Annual Dance Parade 2017!

Batala New York


Mommy Poppins

11th Annual Dance Parade and Festival 2017



Senior Salsa Dancers at NYC’s Dance Parade and Festival | BK Stories



Transit Sam

We Made Transit Sam This Week!


  • “What dance does for the city is incredible. It is important for the economy, for the spirit of the city, and the community,” said Tom Finkelpearl, Commissioner, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs
  • “We get dance classes into schools, into community centers. We have a community program that works with senior centers, it is really lovely, and involves all of them participating in the parade. It is for everyone.” Greg Miller, Executive Director, Dance Parade New York.
  • “It is the 10th Anniversary of the Dance Parade. It starts in my district and ends in my district,” said City Councilwoman Rosie Mendez at City Hall on Monday who district hosts the Parade and Festival. “Dance is a form of expression, it is a form of communication, and irrespective of what language you speak we can all communicate with each other through dance. So if you are sad or happy or in love – you can figure that out when you are dancing.”
  • “I love to dance!” said City Council Majority Leader, Jimmy Van Bramer. “I can’t really play an instrument, but I love to dance.”
  • “Isadora Duncan said the entire universe can be captured in the movement of the body,” said Kitty Lunn, Artistic Director, Infinity Dance Theater, a non-traditional dance company with dangers with and without disabilities. “As a dancer…with disabilities…we transcend social barriers, physical barriers, and to be include in this huge, huge parade and to be included in the mainstream of dance is very, very exciting, we are breaking down all kinds of barriers.”



NYS American Dance Therapy Association

BronxNet – Dance Parade

Bronxnet Freatured Video

Parenting/Where to Go

Shelley Goldberg
Parenting Reporter NY1 News

Mommy Poppins

This one is beautiful…
Mommy Poppins May 2016 Go List

Dance Enthusiast

Dance Enthusiast

The HOOP Movement

The HOOP Movement



Event hint

Event hint – Dance Parade 2016 – Saturday May 21, 2016

Dance NYC

Dance NYC – May 21, 2016 Dance Parade

Broadway World

Broadway World April 25, 2016

Aggie Wranglers

Aggie Wranglers

Ninety years and counting for New York City’s outdated cabaret law

By alan krawitz
A popular song from the 1980s said that “you can dance if you want to,” but in New York City, that m…



In light of their 10th anniversary, Dance Parade celebrated and launched its Decade of Dance campaign with a ‘Ta…

Dance Parade’s LIFTOFF! – Taj Lounge 03/13/16 (City Guide Magazine)

Dance Parade’s LIFTOFF! – Taj Lounge 03/13/16 (City Guide Magazine)
Taj Lounge, 48 W 21 St, The Dance Parade celebrates its 10th year with LIFTOFF!, a party with dancing to DJs, an…


Epoch Times

9th Annual Dance Parade Coverage
The Ninth Annual 2015 New York Dance Parade and Festival took place on Broadway at 21 Street down to Tompkins Square Park, Saturday, May 16, 11:00am. Presented by Dance Parade, Inc., its mission is to inspire dance through the celebration of diversity. This year’s Grand Marshals were American actress, dancer and choreographer Carmen De Lavallade; Mary Verdi-Fletcher, founder, Dancing Wheels; choreographer, artistic director Robert Battle, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater; and DJ Rekha, Ambassador of Bhangra and Bollywood Dance in North America. by Maria Esteves more…
June 24th, 2015

New York Style Guide

 May 16, 2015, East Village, New York. Dancers at the 9th Annual New York Dance Parade. Photos by John Nacion …Read more
May 27, 2015

The Villager

DanceParade whirls its way to Tompkins Square | The Villager Newspaper
 DanceParade whirls its way to Tompkins Square May 21, 2015 | Filed under: In Pictures | Posted by: The Villager Photos by Milo Hess …Read more
May 21, 2015

Leonard Epstein Photography

 Dance parade is an annual parade and festival that showcases dance of all kinds as an expression of art and culture. It takes place in New York City each May, on th…Read more
May 17, 2015

Village Voice

Colorful Costumes Rule the 2015 Dance Parade
 The stated goal for the 2015 Dance Parade, held on Saturday, May 16, was to celebrate diversity… and did it ever. Over 10,000 dancers of all ethnic …Read more
May 16, 2015

Dance parade and festival in New York 2015
 New York City Dance Parade is a parade which is organized by a tour of some of Broadway which is one of the avenues of New York’s most famous. It is known as much for being the only oblique street which cuts Midtown Manhattan and has more than two hundred eighty dance groups…Read more
May 16, 2015

Photos: Dance Parade Shimmies, Shakes, Raves Its Way into the East Village
 The ninth annual Dance Parade rolled into the East Village this afternoon. Click through our slideshow to see what you missed, or head over to Tompkins Square Park,…Read more
May 16, 2015

Dance Parade 2015 New York City’s Best Parade Ever
 Article, photos and video: Len Rapoport and Andy Peeke Andy and I have covered many events and since last year a number of parades in New York City.Read more
May 16, 2015

Dance Parade and Festival 2015 –
 We acknowledge dance as a communicative, social form of expression. Dance Parade serves as an evolution answer to historical supression of dance. In the 19th centur…Read more
May 16, 2015

9th Annual Dance Parade and Dance Festival 2015
 9th Annual Dance Parade and Dance Festival Saturday, May 16, 2015 …Read more
May 16, 2015

Photos: Thousands Boogie Through Manhattan For 2015 Dance Parade
 Saturday marked the 9th annual Dance Parade, which was created to…Read more
May 16, 2015

Europa Newswire

Dance Parade New York
 East Village, New York, USA, May 16 2015 – Dancers poses at the 9th Annual … parade to exclusively celebrate and showcase the diversity of dance.Read more
May 16, 2015

Dance Parade
 Sat May 21 1pm–7pm. At this annual procession, which features more than 70 styles of dance, thousands of moving and grooving marchers make their way through …Read more
May 15, 2015

Chelsea now

What Was, What Is, What Will Be – DANCE PARADE NEW YORK
 Everybody dance now! There are plenty of colorful and coordinated troupes on display in the street — but sidewalk spectators are just invested in the hip-shaking action, when Dance Parade …Read more
May 13, 2015

Things to do in New York this Saturday
 Start your weekend the right way with our guide to brunch and the best events and places to go in the day and during the evening. Read more
May 14, 2015

Live Well NYU

9th Annual Dance Parade & Festival « LiveWellNYU
 This colorful celebration commemorates the history of dance with floats, marchers, and most of all dancers performing all types of dance, from its earliest cultural…Read more
May 12, 2015

The New Yorker

Ninth Annual Dance Parade and Festival – The New Yorker
 In 2006, while activists were fighting the city’s restrictive 1926 Cabaret Law in court, the arts administrator Greg Miller was organizing a nonprofit, Dance Parade…Read more
May 12, 2015

New York City Travel Tips

Dance Parade
 Saturday May 16th 2015, another event which takes place every year is the Dance Parade … Read more
May 11, 2015


May 16 2015 item: In New York City, the Dance Parade is held. –
 In New York City, the Dance Parade is held. – Detailed description of one future item on May 16. 2015 –, with links, calendar. Read more
May 11, 2015

Dance Parade – New York, 16 May, 2015 – Best events and festivals in United States
 Amongst beautifully crafted floats, live bands and DJs, the parade is ordered chronologically honoring the history of dance from ancient to contemporary. Read more
May 11, 2015

Southwest Magazine

Move Like Jagger
 We are featured in this month’s Spirit magazine (Southwest Airlines). Check out page 115…Read more
April 29, 2015

New York State Dance Therapy Association

Dance Parade 2015!
 Join us in the Dance Parade May 16th, 2015 starting at 1 pm! Please visit our Event page for more details. Meanwhile visit the Dance Parade’s website. Read more
April 18, 2015



Dance Parade ready to groove down Broadway
 More than 10,000 dancers will swing, tap and pirouette their way down Broadway this Saturday as part of the Eighth Annual Dance Parade and Festival. Organizers said this year’s theme, “Be the Momentum,” aims to celebrate a shared love of dance.”There’s an expression, ‘if it feels good, do it,’ and dance feels good,” the parade’s executive director, Greg Miller, said in a statement. “You can see that in all the smiling faces from one culture to the next…Read more
May 15, 2014

Time Out NY

Dance Fever: It’s Time to Boogie Down at the Eighth Annual Dance Parade 
Put on your happy feet: The eighth annual Dance Parade kicks off May 17 at 1pm at Broadway and 21st Street, where dancers of all ages and cultures—trained and otherwise—tap, pirouette and glide their way to Tompkins Square Park. The parade, a cultural bonanza, showcases more than 70 styles of dance, from ballet to hip-hop, with 10,000 performers of all abilities and ages…Read more
May 12, 2014

WHCR Radio

Interview for 8th Annual Dance Parade and Festival
Ben Nathan (Founder of TapUnity on Bridging the Gap through Tap) gets interviewed by host Ricky Young on “What’s in Your Hand.”
May 9, 2014

village voice

The Dance Parade cuts Loose
If you were passing through Tompkins Square Park on Saturday, you risked getting ticketed — for not dancing. Dance Parade Inc., a nonprofit that honors dance from all cultures and time periods, hosted its eighth annual Dance Parade, a celebration of joyous physical self-expression in the park, and the Dance Police were on patrol to ensure everyone is cutting loose…Read more
May 18, 2014


Photos: 9,000 People Boogie Down At The Dance Parade
There were ravers and Bollywood-ers, Bolivian Tinkuses and hip hop kids, belly dancers and blissed-out hippies, cheerleaders, hula hoopers, disco boys, stilt walkers, Indonesians, Albanians, Armenians, Koreans, waackers, aerobics masters, Mexican Carnivalers, small children, half-naked adults, on and on and on. Seriously: yesterday’s eight annual Dance Parade in Manhattan had to have been the most wildly diverse parade on the planet…Read more
May 18, 2014

China Daily

10,000 Dancers to Take Part in Gala NYC Parade 
Shaking your booty is rarely this public, or this much fun.Dancers, organizers and supporters of Dance Parade New York took part in a press conference outside City Hall on Monday to announce highlights and introduce some of the participants in advance of the eighth installment of the annual event…Read more
May 13, 2014


Spare Times for May 16-22
Why walk down Broadway when you can twist, pirouette and boogie down the thoroughfare with thousands of other quick-stepping souls during this annual free dance celebration? More than 150 groups, demonstrating over 75 styles of dance traditional and contemporary, will be among the professional and amateur hoofers bounding their way from 21st Street to Tompkins Square Park. Setting feet in motion at 1 p.m. will be a ribbon cutting by the event’s grand marshals, the tapper Savion Glover; Jawole Willa Jo Zollar…Read more
May 17, 2014

Thousands of dancers attend annual dance parade in NYC
Dancers perform as they take part in the annual dance parade in New York City, the United States, on May 17, 2014. Thousands of dancers came to Broadway in Manhattan of New York City during the dance parade on Saturday to perform over 70 types of dances that can be found around the world…Read more
May 18, 2014

WBAI Radio

Interview for 8th Annual Dance Parade and Festival
Tah Whitty (Emcee for Dance Parade’s Grandstand) gets interviewed by host Reggie Johnson on “From the Soundboard.”
May 7, 2014


For the complete media coverage list for Dance Parade 2014, click here: 8th Annual Dance Parade and Festival Media Report




The New York Times The New York Times Dance Listing
NY1 New York 1 Weekend
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I Love Free Concerts I Love Free Concerts – Events
Tania Fuentez Tania Fuentez Media
Thousands Share Special Connection Dancing on Broadway
Tania Fuentez Media
May 20, 2013
Tania Fuentez Media
“Dance Listing for May 17-23-26”
May 17, 2013
New York Dance Parade (Saturday) The procession of salsa, tango, waltz, hula, house, techno and disco dancers — among many, many others — makes its annual march down Broadway, convening at 21st Street at 1 p.m. and snaking toward Tompkins Square Park. A four-hour party kicks off in the park at 3 p.m., with performances of just about every dance style practiced in the five boroughs — from Mexican zapateado, Brazilian zouk and Egyptian belly dance to ballet, contemporary and hip-hop. Grandstand at St. Marks Place and Third Avenue, (267) 350-9213,; free. Read More
Tania Fuentez Tania Fuentez Media
Voice Places from the Village Voice
Tania Fuentez Media
May 16, 2013
Tania Fuentez Media
Voice Places Voice Places from the Village Voice
Voice Places from the Village Voice
Voice Places
May 16, 2013
  Voice Places from the Village Voice
NTDTV Video Clip of NTDTV nightly news. The news of Dance Parade starts at 10.00mins .
NTDTV Chinese TV
May 13, 2013

Interview: Louie Vega

The veteran DJ-producer Louie Vega and his Element of Life combo release a new album.
Louie Vega
April 30, 2013
Louie Vega might be best known as one half of the iconic Masters at Work duo or as an international-superstar DJ in residence at Cielo’s weekly Roots fiesta—but for the past decade, much of his energy has been taken up by his sprawling Elements of Life combo. The band just released a new double-disc album, Eclipse, bringing together many of the artists who performed on its 2004 debut LP (including Josh Milan of Blaze and Anané, who’s also Vega’s wife); it’s the first release in years on the storied Fania label. On top of that, Vega is slated to be one of the grand marshals at this year’s Dance Parade, coming up on May 18.
Click here for more.


Hot Picks: “Check it Out: Get a Leg Up”

May 18, 2012
Brian Niemietz
Catch a Saturday night fever tomorrow afternoon when DanceFest 2012 turns Tompkins Square Park into a dance floor. A Dance Parade 6,100 steppers strong kicks off at 1 p.m. from 21st Street between Park and Fifth avenues, making its way down Broadway to University Place and toward the park for a party that rages from 3 to 7 p.m.
“I’m going to lay down synthetic ice and figure skate on it,” says Marni Halasa, who will Roller blade in the parade before meeting up with a couple dozen “Imagination on Ice” partners to “ice” skate in the park. She says, “What I love about the Dance Parade is that it’s one of the most culturally diverse and ethnic events in the city . . . Hopefully it’s what heaven is like.”
Throughout the day, look for acrobats, cheerleaders and a Michael Jackson “Thriller” flash mob called “Thrill the World.”
Read More
“Daily News: Dance Parade NYC”
May 18, 2012
Dance Parade NYC
Saturday, May 19 1:00p
21st St and Broadway, New York
The Parade starts at 1pm on 21st Street and Broadway, going down Broadway to St Marks Place (8th Street) and across to Thompkins Square Park.
Read more: Click here to see the listing
Roda Magazine NYC Dane Parade and Festival 2012
May 13, 2012
by Roda Magazine
Beyond Features: Arts
Dancing might be one of the most liberating and energizing activities around, if not the most. Something about feeling the rhythm and transforming that emotion to movement delivers such a nice effect and at the same time has a way of connecting you to anyone else near who’s catching that same vibe. Some people dance professionally, some perform dances for historical significance and others just plain like to get down and shake their groove ‘thang’. One thing can be said for all groups, that positive energy feels good and it is universal.
Click here for more.
A Journalist’s Journey DANCE: United We Dance (Parade) in the Streets
May 15, 2012
Thousands are expected to take part in the sixth annual Dance Parade on Saturday, filling New York City’s streets with music, colorful floats, troupes and dance companies along Broadway down to the East Village’s Tompkins Square Park. Diego Mesa, of New Yorker Social Dance Club, participated last year and recalls, “It was an amazing experience to be around so many dancers from different styles. You were able to feel the passion and energy from everywhere.”Dance Parade, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting dance as an expressive and unifying art form. Director Greg Miller notes that “budgets for the arts are being slashed from our schools and non-profits, making it hard for businesses and consumers to fund the arts. All that’s left is to watch dance on TV without participating!”Click here for more.

Lost In Sound

“NY Dance Parade is May 19th – Will YOU Be Dancing in the Strets?!”
May 11, 2012
Coming up on Saturday, May 19th is the 6th Annual NY Dance Parade in Manhattan. Beginning on Broadway and 21st street at 1pm, 10,000 dancers will move and groove to 60 unique styles of dance. Yes- TEN THOUSAND DANCERS!!! As live bands, DJ’s, beautiful floats, and costumes entrance you, participants in the parade will be ordered chronologically “honoring the history of dance from ancient to contemporary”. Traditional dances from across the globe from places like Algeria, Korea, Bolivia, Tahiti, Bulgaria, Japan, Brasil, and more. Dance styles both popular and obscure- flamenco, tango, ballroom, ballet, contemporary, samba, roller disco, pole dancing- the list goes on and on. You can also keep your eyes and ears peeled for a big Toad scupture that houses a custom-built 1000 watt sound system, LED lighting, lasers and fog, and is pulled by a bicycle built for 5 people. Better yet, if you’d like to wear a whacky costume and join Kostume Kult in the parade, you can dance alongside the Toad.
Click here for more.


“Things to Do”
Alex Schechter
May 1, 2012
Thousands of participants are expected to tap, salsa, hula and even stilt-dance their way down Broadway in colorful costumes during this sixth annual boogie brigade, with everything from techno to polka music ringing out from festive floats as the procession shimmies past Union Square and through the East Village via St. Marks Place. (The reviewing stand in Astor Place makes it a great place to watch the proceedings.) The parade terminates in DanceFest in Tompkins Square Park, where, from 3 to 7pm, kids of all ages enjoy more performances and free lessons. Sat May 19 1–7pm.
Click here for more.
ta ta

  “The Fifth Annual NYC Dance Parade” Jeanne Noonan May 21, 2011 The Fifth Annual NYC Dance Parade took place May 21, 2011. It started at W. 21st & Broadway and proceeded down to St. Marks & Ave A. Click here to see the Photos       Images from the Dance Parade VIVIENNE GUCWA, Lower East Side May 23, 2011 Vivienne Gucwa, a community contributor to The Local East Village Flickr Group shares her images of the weekend’s New York Dance Parade, which wound its way through the East Village Saturday. Click here to see the Photos     Photos: New York Dance Parade 2011 Photographs: Paul Wagtouicz May 23, 2011 Despite some rain, this year’s Dance Parade went ahead in all its costumed, beglittered glory. In total, 74 styles were represented including roller-disco, zumba, marching band and liturgical dance. The parade even hosted a wedding ceremony: The two grooms exchanged personal vows atop a pink disco-music float…..Click here to see the Photos     Video: NYC-Dance Parade Ella Morton June 8, 2011 Ella Morton, on one of her many journeys through NYC, stumbled upon a dance parade. This is what she saw…..Click here to see the Video     Dancin’ in the Streets Andrea Marks May 25, 2011 Saturday was a gorgeous day to be in New York City, and an even better day to be a dancer. The 5th Annual New York Dance Parade brought together 9,000 movers to celebrate our favorite performance art, from Union Square to the East Village. With that many dancers, I knew there would be a wide range of genres represented, but it surprised me that international styles so vastly outnumbered the familiar ballet, hip hop, and jazz……Read More     Walter’s World: Dance Parade New York Walter Rutledge June 1, 2011 Since the first parade in 2006 the event has literally grown by leap and bounds to become an “only in New York style event”. This year 9,000 performers, in 179 different dance groups performed over 70 dance styles. Read More and see Photos     New York City Dance Parade Showcases American Indian Heritage ICTMN Staff May 25, 2011 American Indians lead the celebration at the fifth annual New York City Dance Parade. More than 8,000 dancers and 176 dance groups strutted their stuff along the parade route, which began on 21st street between Park and Fifth Avenue. The Redhawk Native American Arts Council was invited to lead the permission of groups and they ventured on the 1.5 mile parade route down Broadway throughout lower Manhattan. More then 45,000 spectators who turned out to see groups from as far away as Japan (a Japanese group kicked off the parade in honor of the earthquake victims.) “The crowed really showed a lot of love for us,” men’s traditional dancer George Michael told the Redhawk Native American Arts Council’s Cliff Matias, “they made me feel proud to be a First Nations person.” The Arts Council had nine dancers in the parade. Read More and see Photos     Thousands of Dancers Get Limber in East Village Dave Goldiner May 21, 2011 Up to 10,000 dancers strutted their stuff in the streets of the East Village Saturday as the Dance Parade NY festival stepped off. More than 160 dance troupes showed off their best moves as onlookers enjoyed bright sunshine and balmy temperatures after a week of rain. The dance festival, which boasts of being the “most culturally diverse festival in the world,” included at least 76 different styles of dance. Read More and see Photos       Images of New York Dance Parade 2011 May 21, 2011 Participants wore a dazzling array of colourful costumes as they danced through the New York streets during the fifth annual dance parade. New York City, USA. 21st May 2011 Clck here to see the Photos       5th Annual New York City Dance Parade Photos May 21, 2011 99 photos of Dance Parade 2011Clck here to see the Photos       Dance Parade Infuses Culture and Movement May 25, 2011 MANHATTAN0 — As the boisterous beats of hip hop infiltrated into the street of Broadway like mini-explosives, a Korean woman adorning an elegantly laced traditional garment conversed with a Caporales dancer from Bolivia, wearing heeled boots and a black military suit interweaved with gold trim. In this infusion of cultural norms and styles, only one thing on this day united everyone–the celebration of dance.Read More, plus Photos, Videos, Slideshow     “Spare Times for May 20-26” Anne Mancuso May 19, 2011 Dance Parade (Saturday) An annual procession with thousands dancing down Broadway, beginning at 1 p.m. at 21st Street and ending at Tompkins Square Park, where a festival with dance performances and lessons will follow. Read More         “New York Dance Parade showcases more than 70 different dance styles, from ballet to Bollywood” Gina Salamone May 19, 2011 More than 8,000 dancers will bust a move — or more — down Broadway Saturday, turning the Manhattan strip into a stage. They’ll be part of the New York Dance Parade, showcasing at least 70 different dance styles — from Polynesian to pole dancing, from ballet to Bollywood. “It’s a celebration of all forms of movement; everything from more traditional dance, that’s presented on a concert stage, to roller-skaters, hoofers and aerialists,” says Shireen Dickson, the parade’s production manager. Read More     “Summerstage, Shakespeare In The Park: The Top 27 Manhattan Summer Festivals “ May 21, 2011 MANHATTAN — Summer in the city comes with blues and barbeque, yoga followed by dumplings and an international dance parade with more than 60,000 participants. The city’s slew of free or cheap festivals reflect the unique cultural treasures in each neighborhood — and to help you find your way through the borscht, hip-hop, tango and tacos, DNAinfo has put together a list of must-see events.. Read More     “NY Dance Parade kicks off at 1 pm” Paul Kraaijeveld May 21, 2011 Put on your dancing shoes and get ready for the fifth edition of the New York Dance Parade! Today more than 10,000 dancers are expected to kick off at 21st Street between Park and Fifth Avenue. The dancers will exhibit a variety of 74 dance styles, from Hawaiian hula to Brazilian samba; rock ‘n roll to modern dance. And best of all: standing still is not allowed during the parade! No need to feel self-conscious or inhibited, the New York Dance Parade is for each and everyone. Between 3 and 7 pm Tompkins Square Park is the center of the Dance Parade Dance Festival. There will be free lessons, scores of free performances by established dance companies such as the Joffrey Ballet as well as flamenco dancers, hip-hop artists and traditional Korean performers. Read More     This Weekend: 10,000 Dancers Bust a Move Elizabeth Bougerol May 18, 2011 What has twenty thousand arms and legs and turns Broadway into a dance floor? On Saturday, May 21, you can shimmy-shimmy shake (or at least watch about 10,000 parade participants doing so) when the 5th Annual New York City Dance Parade kicks off with nearly 80 dance styles, from ballet to Bulgarian, Capoeira to Contra, bellydance to ballroom dance, zydeco to zouk. Don’t worry, 1980s roller disco holdouts: They’ve got you covered too….Read More     “Your Weekend Starts Now 5/19/11” Stephanie Simon May 19, 2011 On Saturday, the Dance Parade welcomes more than 10,000 dancers to show off more than 70 styles of dance. It starts at Broadway and 21st Street and culminates with a DanceFest from 3-7 p.m. at Tompkins Square Park. Read More     Get Your Dance Shoes On: From Samba to Circus, the Dance Parade Shimmies Downtown Julia Furlan May 20, 2011 The NYPD — that’s the New York Dance Parade — will be issuing citations on Saturday for citizens they see who are refusing to get down. That’s because some 8,000 dancers and 176 different dance troupes of varying styles will be dancing their way from 22nd St. to Tompkins Square Park for the fifth annual Dance Parade. From Nepalese sherpa dances to pole dances straight out of the club, the parade represents a kaleidoscope of nationalities, traditions and movement styles. … Read More     Flavoripill Fix: Weekly Dose Leah Taylor May 18, 2011 Flavorpill’s Weekly Dose hosted by managing editor, Leah Taylor, takes you after hours from their downtown office. Join Leah and Alex as they share two “can’t miss” events of the week. This weeks video starts with Dance Parade 2011 … Read More     “Weekend Picks — Food, Fests, Dance, Drums, Dogs” Pamela Skillings May 21, 2011 New York City Dance Parade 2011 — Shake your moneymaker down old Broadway on Saturday afternoon. The Dance Parade will start at 1pm, hoof it to Tompkins Square Park and then transform into DanceFest, a four-hour free festival with dance performances, dance lessons, and a DJ party. Read More    


KIDS – Things To Do Critics Pick May 18, 2011 At this annual procession, which features more than 70 styles of dance, thousands of moving and grooving marchers make their way through lower Manhattan to Tompkins Square Park, where a post-parade festival will include performances, lessons and a dance party. The parade starts at 21st Street between Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue South. All ages….Read More     “This Crazy Dance Parade Tomorrow Is NOT Rapture-Related” Ben Yakas May 20, 2011 Oh sure, we’re in store for a serious Biblical-style comeuppance tomorrow—but what if everything doesn’t end? It might sound like crazy talk, but there are other fun things happening in the city tomorrow besides Rapture Looting Parties and all of this. And that includes the 5th annual Dance Parade in Manhattan! The parade, which will showcase over 74 different styles of dances with more than 10,000 dancers, will start at 1 p.m. at 21st Street. The march will kick off with a Japanese Group, in honor of the earthquake victims, before continuing down Broadway with everything from pole-dancing, to stilts, to disco. They offer this preview: “Hula, swing and samba our way past Union Square and into University Place. At Eighth Street we will Salsa, Tango and Waltz East into Saint Marks Place and our Grandstand in between 3rd and 4th Aves.” The march will end with a DanceFest in Tompkins Square Park, including free dance performance and lessons. t…Read More     Top 27 Manhattan Summer Festivals Della Hasselle May 20, 2011 More than 10,000 dancers are expected to march down Broadway in this year’s parade, which represents a huge range of genres and cultures, from Polynesian to Peruvian to classical ballet dancers. This year more than 73 different types of dance are expected, including African dance, salsa, Argentinean tango, the jitterbug, modern dance and hip-hop. Although onlookers have always had a good time, the importance of the parade lies in fact that so many cultures come together for a single event, president Greg Miller says.
“It’s not just a party parade but a parade that celebrates diversity and presents artistic expression,” Miller said. “People enjoy watching dance.” Read More
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Sarah Ramos May 18, 2010 Shake what your mama gave you along with thousands of New Yorkers as you boogie down Broadway during this annual promenade. The parade originally began as a response to the city’s cabaret law (which prohibits establishments that serve food or drinks from hosting dancing, unless licensed), and in the past five years, it’s evolved into a massive celebration of movement. But it’s not a spectator sport: Approximately 30 officers from the New York Dance Police (a group of roving, shimmy-enforcing volunteers) will ticket onlookers who aren’t busting a move. Each citation comes with a coupon good for discounts at several local studios, including Joffrey Ballet School, Dance Manhattan and Learn2Salsa. Once the procession reaches Tompkins Square Park, the parade will shift gears into DanceFest (3-7pm), with live performances from Manhattan Tribal’s belly dancing, and lessons by NYC Bhangra. Parade begins on Broadway at 20th St and more…Read Feature in This Week’s Best FestivalsRead Feature in DanceRead Feature Nightlife – Critic’s Pick     Dance Parade To Be Followed By Tompkins Sq Park DanceFest 5/21 BWW News Desk May 19, 2011 Who:More than 8,000 dancers celebrate and showcase the diversity of dance, including 176 groups and more than 70 styles represented. Where:Parade Route: The Dance Parade begins on 21st Street and Broadway,
travels south through Union Square onto University Place and continues to 8th Street, where the parade turns east into Tompins Square Park. Post-parade DanceFest: The event culimates with DanceFest, a free
festival offering performances on two stages, dance lessons, workshops and social dancing throughout the basketball courts.
… Read More
    Dance Parade 2011 – Editor’s Pick! Leah Taylor May , 2011 Shake what your momma gave you – all the way down Broadway and over to Tompkins Square Park in the East Village. Or, if you’re too shy to samba, watch as almost 8,000 dancers tango, break, hula, tap, and belly dance in 2011’s Dance Parade. After the two-step over to the park, troupes specializing in 74 different dance styles put on free shows and offer lessons, from bhangra to ballet. It’s a beautiful celebration of human motion, so join in and get movin … Read More     Dance Parade on NYC Artsl Listing May 18, 2011 Dance Parade New York, the world’s only parade to exclusively celebrate and showcase the diversity of dance, will celebrate its fifth year with tens of thousands of participants and spectators. More than 70 styles of dance and more than 200 groups are celebrated with colorful costumes, decorative floats, lively music and joyous dancers. The parade travels down Broadway from 21st Street to 8th Street before turning east to end in Tompkins Square Park. A post-parade festival in Tompkins Square Park will feature more than 25 live performances, as well as dance lessons, dance parties and kids activities. more …         Dance Parade on Bronx Journal Trent Love May 18, 2011 Trent interviews Greg Miller and Brian Austin about the 2011 Dance Parade and Festival more …     Dance Parade 2011 Amanda Ferris May 17, 2011 Grab your blue suede shoes and your Michael Jackson moves because on Saturday, New York’s very own Dance Parade is taking place. With over 10,000 participants, guests will be able to shimmy and shake their way through the East Village. The parade starts at West 21st Street and Broadway at 1p.m. and will culminate into one massive dance party in Tompkins Square Park, so get ready to dance your heart out and have fun. more …     Dance Parade 2011 on Thirteen City Arts May 17, 2011 Dance Parade New York, the world’s only parade to exclusively celebrate and showcase the diversity of dance, will celebrate its fifth year with tens of thousands of participants and spectators.. more …    


BronxNet TV Rhina Valentin Mayl 13, 2011 Open is shot live in Bronx Net’s studios Monday, Wednesday and FridayRead More    


BronxNet TV Rhina Valentin May 6, 2011 Open is shot live in Bronx Net’s studios Monday, Wednesday and FridayRead More     The Kiner Hour – Lets Talk Dance With Ashani Mfuko Ashani Mfuko May 3, 2011 Ashani interviews Yana Landowne (DP Board Member) and Shireen Dickson (DP Production Director) about Dance Parade 2011. This show covers hot topics in the dance world, the business side of the dance industry, how to be successful in the dance industry, health and wellness, offer advice on how to use social media for dance, and how to stay positive and motivated as a dance studio owner, dance teacher, and professional dancer, with special guest interviews from dance-industry leaders. Read More or you can listen to the discussion of Dance Parade 2011 here    


BronxNet TV Rhina Valentin April 29, 2011 Open is shot live in Bronx Net’s studios Monday, Wednesday and FridayRead More     “5/22-23: 4th Annual Dance Parade, New Amsterdam Taste-Fest…” Elizabeth Bougerol May 22, 2010 EVERYBODY CUT FOOTLOOSE: What has eight thousand arms and legs and runs down Broadway? The 4th Annual New York City Dance Parade! Get ready to bust a move (or at least watch about 4,000 parade participants doing so) when the parade kicks off with more than 65 dance styles–ballet to Bulgarian, Capoeira to Contra, bellydance to ballroom dance, zydeco to zouk. Even roller disco. Saturday, 1PM…Read More     “Dancing in the Streets: NYC’s Dance Parade” Katie Rolnick May 21, 2010 Imagine the streets of NYC teeming with dancers–young, old, amateur, professional–performing every imaginable style, from ballet to Bollywood, salsa to swing. That’s exactly what the scene will look like tomorrow as more than 6,000 dancers from all over the world participate in the fourth annual Dance Parade. This year, “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 6 alum Ellenore Scott is one of the Dance Parade’s four grand marshals. “This will be my first time participating in the parade and I’m very excited about it,” Ellenore says. “Being a grand marshal blows my mind!” She and the other grand marshals (dance writer Elizabeth Zimmer, performer and choreographer Amy Marshall and DJ Jellybean Benitez) will lead the pack down Broadway…Read More     “4th Annual Dance Parade and Festival” May 21, 2010 More than 150 dance organizations and 5,000 dancers will come together for the annual dance fest, which will include appearances by “So You Think You Can Dance” finalist Ellenore Scott, DJ Jellybean Benitez and dance critic Elizabeth Zimmer. The parade wraps up at Tompkins Square Park, where there will be dance performances, dance lessons and more. Keep the party going at the official afterparty at Pacha. Visit or for more info…Read More     “Your Weekend Starts Now 5/20/10” Stephanie Simon May 20, 2010 It’s a toss-up whether to put on your walking shoes or your dancing shoes for the fourth-annual Dance Parade, this Saturday at 1 p.m. After gathering at 20th Street between Park and Fifth Avenues, this mass dance event will boogie its way down Broadway with dozens of styles on display…Read More     “Dancing In The Streets” Afrika Brown June 2, 2010 The dancers of New York City were called and they answered with great force. The fourth annual New York Dance Parade was held May 22nd and was a great kick off to the unofficial start of summer. Over 160 organizations and 6500 dancers joined together to revel in streets of the Lower East Side for one major mash-up of expression…Read More     “Gotta dance! Gotta dance!” Milo Hess May 25, 2010 The New York Dance Parade on Saturday featured almost four-dozen different styles of dance. Some of the more well known included ballet and modern, but there was also dancing on stilts and even pole dancing. East Village merchants were also tapping their toes with delight: Workers at Ray’s Candy Store, at Seventh St. and Avenue A, on Sunday said they did an incredible volume of business the day before when the parade ended at Tompkins Square Park for a DanceFest…Read More     PoleRiders “NY Dance Parade With Diane Passage and Ariel” May 24, 2010 PoleRiders was honored to have the creator of Pole Superstar Diane Passage join the team for the 2010 NYC Dance Parade. Her 2009 Pole Superstar dance competition benefited S.P.I.N. (Single Parents In Need) and NYC’s Single Parent Resource Center. Check out her blog and her column in the Huffington Post and if you missed it last October, check out this clip from the Post with Ariel and PoleRiders at the competition…Read More     “In Which I Go to a Dance Parade and Reflect on Happiness.” Gretchen Rubin May 24, 2010 This Saturday, my husband suggested that we all go downtown to watch the annual dance parade. I’d never heard of it, but for the past three years, New York City has had a dance parade, where thousand of dancers, from all sorts of dance organizations, dance their way down a parade route. Some of the dancers were from “real” dance schools or groups, others were from dance/exercise classes, and many groups, we suspected, had been organized for the sole purpose of marching on Saturday…Read More     Oberon’s Grove “Duet in the Park” May 24, 2010 Saturday May 22, 2010 – Following the Dance Parade, Natasha Czarniewy and Chad Levy of Amy Marshall Dance Company were among the performers at the Festival which was held in Tompkins Square Park. They danced Duet, choreographed by Amy Marshall. Kokyat had a prime shooting spot…Read More     “Review of the 4th Annual NYC Dance Parade 2010” Teresa Gotay May 23, 2010 For most Americans, the start of the summer is usually marked by Memorial Day. For New Yorkers, it could easily be the NYC Dance Parade. In its 4th time around, every year this celebration of movement continues to attract bigger crowds. Last year, we covered the 3rd Annual Dance Parade and found this year it grew even more. Every year, dance companies, dance aficionados and anyone who loves to hear music and move their body join together for this unique event. Luckily, warm weather cooperated for a great turn out…Read More     “Grand Dance Parade in New York” XinhuaNet/Wu Kaixiang May 23, 2010 Revellers participate in the annual Dance Parade in New York, the United States, May 22, 2010. Thousands of dancers came to streets of New York City Saturday showing over 60 forms of dance in a free outdoor dance parade…Read More     “Dance Parade Gets People Moving” Jen Chung May 23, 2010 Yesterday was the fourth annual Dance Parade, starting in the Flatiron District and ending up in the East Village. Dancers and spectators alike shimmied on a fine May day. Here are just some of the photos of the excitement…Read More     NYC ♥ NYC “DANCE Parade and Festival” Noel Y.C. May 22, 2010 Thousands of dancers converged this afternoon for the annual DANCE PARADE in the heart of the East Village, and the Dance Festival at Tompkins Square Park. From hula to swing, to tango and even pole dancing, a wide variety of dance forms were represented. The goal of these events is to promote dance as an expressive and unifying art form by showcasing all forms of dance, as well as to enlighten the public about the opportunity to experience dance and celebrate the diversity of this art form…Read More     “Weekend Picks — Dance, Derby, and Lost Finale Parties” Pamela Skillings May 21, 2010 Shake your moneymaker down old Broadway on Saturday afternoon. The Dance Parade will start at 1pm, hoof it to Tompkins Square Park and then transform into DanceFest, a four-hour free festival with dance performances, dance lessons, and a DJ party. So far, more than 6,500 dancers have registered…Read More     Oberon’s Grove “Amy Marshall & The Dance Parade” May 21, 2010 Amy Marshall is one of the Grand Marshals for this year’s Dance Parade which steps off from Broadway & 21st at 1:00 PM on Saturday May 22nd, proceeding down B’way to Union Square and then taking an Eastward turn onto 8th Street and on to Tompkins Square Park where there will be performances, food and events all afternoon. Today I went down to the Battery Dance Studio where dancers from Amy’s Company and a number of guests were learning the dance routine they will perform during the parade. Above, Amy coaches Matt Tiberi and Dani Betchel in a lift…Read More     “Own This City – Your perfect weekend: May 21–23” Amy Plitt, Jonathan Shannon and Audrey Tempelsman May 18, 2010 Shimmy, two-step and sh-shake it like a Polaroid picture during the celebration of movement, the New York Dance Parade (Parade begins on Broadway at 20th St;; 1pm; free). What started in reaction to the city’s draconian cabaret law–which prohibits dancing in any space that serves food or drinks, unless the establishment has a (notoriously hard-to-obtain) license–has turned into an all-out boogie-woogie fiesta. Thousands of revelers will join in the festivities by dancing in the streets or atop floats (you must sign up in advance to participate), and the organizers boast that more than 60 different styles of dancing will be represented (including ballroom, salsa and roller disco). The parade culminates at a festival in Tompkins Square Park, aptly titled DanceFest (3-7pm), which will feature lessons and performances by the Amy Marshall Dance Company and more…Read More     “The Dance Parade and Festival Hits New York City” May 18, 2010 Whether we are tearing it up in the middle of a club at 2 a.m. or taking salsa lessons with a date between dinner and a night out, we here at Clubplanet are huge fans of all things dance-related. So, when we got word of the New York Dance Parade, which will take place in NYC this Saturday, we knew it was going to be right up our alley…Read More     “Greg Miller Interview” Nicholas Bambo May 17, 2010 This Saturday, May 22nd, 2010, is the 4th annual Dance Parade. I recently sat down with Greg Miller, the Parade’s Founder and Executive Director, to talk about his own involvement in dance, the personal epiphany that led to the creation of the largest annual dance event in New York City, and the Parade’s connection to the city’s controversial Cabaret Law…Read More     “Dance Parade – 10,000 Dancers Down Broadway, May 22, 2010” Jonathan Mandell May 12, 2010 Eleven hip-hop dancers from Crazy Rhythm will dance down Broadway Saturday afternoon, May 22nd along with 10 clown dancers from Cookie Clown Collaborators, 50 aerobic dancers from Broadway Bodies, 60 Michael Jackson dancers from Beat-It-NYC, 120 modern dancers from Dance New Amsterdam and the 15 ballet dancers from Contemporary Ballet Theater – 10,000 dancers all together from 200 dance organizations with over 70 styles of dance – ballroom, belly dance, break dance, boogie, hula, Irish step, roller disco, swing, salsa, tango, tap, even the waltz – for the fourth annual Dance Parade, a free outdoor dance extravaganza and festival. Yes they have done this three times before. Where have you been?…Read More     Dance Parade 2010 “Interview with Amy Marshall, Grand Marshall” Leah Taylor May 4, 2010 On Saturday, May 22, 2010 over 70 styles of dance, over 200 dance organizations, and over 10 thousand dancers will converge on the streets of New York City for a free outdoor dance parade and festival! We will boogie our way down Broadway, hula, swing and Irish step our way past Union Square and into University Place. At Eighth Street we will Salsa, Tango and Waltz East into Saint Marks Street…Read More     “Interview with Amy Marshall, Grand Marshall for Dance Parade New York” Layla Macoran April 30, 2010 Amy Marshall, founder and Artistic Director of the Amy Marshall Dance Company, will serve as Grand Marshall for the Dance Parade New York May 22nd. She will be joined by her fellow Grand Marshals, So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 finalist Ellenore Scott, dance critic and author Elizabeth Zimmer, and legendary DJ Jellybean Benitez…Read More     NEW YORK DAILY PHOTO “Dance Parade 2009” Brian Dubé May 18, 2009 Saturday was the 3rd annual Dance Parade. Many asked me the reason for the parade – they seemed perplexed. I answered “to celebrate dance.” I’m not sure a parade needs more of a reason – perhaps so many are estranged from celebration and unmitigated fun that something of this nature grates against their being…Read More     “Hot Recap: Dance Parade 2009” Lindsay Pasarin May 17, 2009 More than 1,500 New Yorkers – and a few out-of-staters-dressed in colorful, quirky costumes shook their booties down Broadway Saturday as part of the third annual Dance Parade. In celebration of this cross-cultural form of self-expression, 115 organizations represented 53 countries and styles of dance including modern, contemporary ballet, African and roller disco….Read More     “New York City Dance Parade” May 17, 2009 The Third Annual New York City Dance Parade made its way through Manhattan on Saturday…Read More     “Dance Parade Shakes the East Village” Roy Edroso May 16, 2009 Since Symphony Space presented Wall to Wall Bach, a free 12-hour event, as its first offering in 1978, many more such music and discussion marathons have followed, honoring composers from Schumann and Stravinsky to musical theater types including Irving Berlin and Stephen Sondheim. But the occasion planned for Saturday may be the biggest yet…Read More     “Spare Times” Melena Ryzik May 15, 2009 Since Symphony Space presented Wall to Wall Bach, a free 12-hour event, as its first offering in 1978, many more such music and discussion marathons have followed, honoring composers from Schumann and Stravinsky to musical theater types including Irving Berlin and Stephen Sondheim. But the occasion planned for Saturday may be the biggest yet…Read More     “Legwarmers Optional” Michelle Vellucci May 4, 2009 If you watched Fame as a kid and dreamed of dancing your heart out in the streets of New York City, then your moment has arrived. The third annual Dance Parade, which is set for May 16, will feature six thousand dancers boogieing, pirouetting and shimmying their way down Broadway, and spectators are invited to join in…Read More     “Body-Moving as Defiance at the Dance Parade” Annie Fischer May 13, 2008 Blame my relatively conservative Midwestern upbringing, but I’m not much of a dancer. I occasionally feel the urge – if I’m at Studio B or Home Sweet Home, or I’ve had a lot of scotch – but for the most part, I prefer to do my flirting off the floor….Read More     “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'” John Donohue March 11, 2008 The Times is reporting that Sony BMG has sent professional dancers out into the streets of London, Copenhagen, and other major European cities to help market the twenty-fifth anniversary release of Michael Jackson’s blockbuster album “Thriller.” (Jackson, for some mysterious reason, was reportedly unavailable to promote the album himself; perhaps he was busy cleaning out his Neverland ranch, which is set to be auctioned off next week.) Aside from the regimented formations of annual parades, dancing in the streets is relatively rare in New York City, but a group here is aiming to change that…Read More     “Best Small-Time Parade” March 3, 2008 Not everyone loves a parade. Some would even argue that standing around watching people walk down the street is, well, pretty boring But watching 10,000 people dance down Broadway? Not even the most jaded city kid could help but be impressed…Read More     “The Time is Right for Dancing in the Streets” Sandra Larriva May 18, 2007 On Saturday, more than 150 dance organizations and approximately 8,000 individual performers will join forces to parade from 32nd Street and Broadway all the way to Washington Square Park for the city’s first annual Dance Parade. The festival promises to show the world, and New York lawmakers, that dance is an expressive form of art and that it should be legal in more venues around the city…Read More     “Dance, Dance Revolution” Elizabeth Bougerol May 17, 2007 In Footloose, that classic teen-rebellion flick from 1984, Kevin Bacon cured a Texas town of its puritanical ills through the power of dance. Almost a quarter century later, a group of terpsichorean enthusiasts are trying to Baconize the Big Apple. At the New York Dance Parade on Saturday 19, 4,000-6,000 dancers from more than 100 different organizations will turn Broadway into a massive mobile dance floor as they tango, waltz, krump and hula down to Washington Square Park…Read More